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SSAA Shotgun Vest – Blue

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Customer Reviews

  • Sarah R, NSW
    SSAA Bush Kettle I bought the 1L kettle and may have to upgrade to the 3L version, it’s great. Just grab a bunch of dry twigs, light them up and you have boiling water in minutes. And the fire ring system is risk-free so you can put your fire out in seconds with your leftover water. Ingenious!
    Sarah R, NSW
  • JB, Vic
    Cobb Premier Outdoor Oven Fantastic for cooking in the outdoors. Took fresh meat with us on a shoot and had one of the best meals I can remember. The carrying bag makes it easy to take with you and cleaning is never an issue.
    JB, Vic
  • Darren B, SA
    Razor Polo Shirt My wife bought me this shirt for my birthday and now she’s complaining that I never take it off! Perfect for shooting as it stretches as I move my arms and shoulders and the material helps you stay cool even on the warmest days.
    Darren B, SA
  • Maggie T, NSW
    Pistol bag The perfect bag for the firing range. I can put absolutely everything I need in here and have it all in one place. There are compartments for whatever you have and zips to keep them safe. And the shoulder strap makes carrying your gear so easy.
    Maggie T, NSW